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Snowmobile Helmet Safety Light – One Color

(21 customer reviews)


  • High helmet light mount location provides excellent visibility reducing accidents.
    • Superior clarity even when your snowmobile’s tail light is covered with snow and ice
    • Allows riders behind you to always know your location
  • Super bright LED technology provides up to 200 lumens of light
  • Be seen in all riding conditions including: snow dust, snow storms, fog, darkness and daylight
  • Simple installation;
    • 5th Generation design uses an integral power block for your power cord connection, eliminating cable strain and providing power to both your heated shield and the helmet safety light.
    • Use your existing electric shield’s wiring, or purchase BITEHARDER’s “Helmet Accessory Power Cord” for optimal performance.
    • Components mount easily using high quality adhesive backing
    • Adhesive backed (3M) wire-routing-clips are also included
  • Multiple color choices to match your ride (red, amber, blue, green, pink and new this year aqua)
    • Identify members of your family just by their helmet color
    • Check state and provincial regulations for possible color restrictions
  • BITEHARDER helmet safety lights provide the ultimate in safety and visibility both on and off the trail.
  • Made from the highest quality components available – fully warrantied
  • Convenience, innovation, safety and performance just what you expect from BITEHARDER

Helmet Safety Light – Use Instructions

Download Instructions


With your front coil springs adjusted for your individual riding style, measure the distance between the coils (See Diagram), with your machine on the ground under its own weight.

21 reviews for Snowmobile Helmet Safety Light – One Color

  1. Kim Johansen

    I was skeptical at 1st. Ordered 4 different colors for myself, my husband, and our 2 teenage kids. We tried them out on the trails in Michigan in Feb of 2020. Have to say that my family and I were very impressed! It makes it much easier to keep track of everyone in the group, especially with the different colors. My kids love them because no matter how far ahead my husband gets from us, we can still see him. I was impressed how visible they were in daylight. The weekend we rode was very cold and our snowmobile’s kicked up a lot of snow dust. The helmet light was easily visible and I never lost track of my husband. Every where we stopped, people came up and asked about the lights. Not skeptical anymore!

  2. Chris Daniels

    Very easy installation, and very bright!!!!! This is a great addition to any helmet and makes u highly visible from behind in the snow dust.

  3. Joe

    Fantastic product. Our group is purchasing them all after they saw mine.

  4. Mike Warrick

    Bought two last year up at snow fest in New Hampshire One pink one green unbelievable how Britain during the day could always find the daughter riding in the pack definitely ordering more

  5. Dave & Dawn

    These lights are AMAZING! 200 lumens didn’t seem bright enough but decided to try them on hers and my helmets. I let her drive ahead on the straights Trail 3 North to Copper Harbor and WOW! Lost her tail light in the snow dust but her bright pink “halo” was visible for a good +150 yards. Out on Lake Gogebic, night visibility is a good mile. EXCELLENT for rider identification. Gonna order two more. NOTE: installing the light above helmet midline glows a “halo” arch effect in snow dust and white-out conditions, pretty cool!

  6. Harvey

    Great idea! Love the lights. I got some for myself, dad, and mom and holy moley this is a great product. I can see my family through the snow dust as well as pretty cleanly through the woods. I’m on board these should definitely be marketed better on instagram and facebook targeting snowmobilers. I would imagine that selling thousands or even tens of thousands of these would be possible.

    Couple of critical points though. The wire running to the light and to the heated shield is a bit thin. Already broke the conductor in one of our lights. I would say go with a more beefy wire there.

    Second could you make a non-passthrough model for guys running open face motocross style helmets? Seeing that those helmets don’t have a heated shield. I’d still run a cord to power that light.

  7. robert (verified owner)

    Love the soft blue glow. Not hard on the eyes behind me. I can be seen for a loooong time.

  8. Jeff (verified owner)

    I have bought four of these now, Have had a lot of people comment on how bright the LED’s lights are and that you can be seen from a long distance in any condition while riding, Highly recommended and an A+++ on the safety aspect.

  9. Barb Hock

    Following my husband was a breeze even tho he goes faster! Love the lights!!

  10. Barb Hock

    Easy to follow my husband even if he does go faster!! Great lights!!

  11. Mgil (verified owner)

    My husband and I love the light and so do all our friends


    Love the lights , we have everyone in our group running them, Huge saftey deal !

  13. Dennis C

    I have had the lights attached to my helmet since winter 2019/2020. I added a bead of silicone around the perimeter of the light to hopefully keep the light from peeling up. So far so good. Got a lot of positive comments from my friends who ride with the Skidoo Oxygen helmets. They said it’s really visible from a distance. Only issue I had was that my long helmet cord that attached to the light was not real snug. I’m assuming the extreme cold weather shrunk the fittings just enough to have intermittent lighting. I wrapped the connection with electrical tape and had no problems. I may switch to silicone tape for better flexibility in really cold weather.

  14. Anthony Lagueux

    Ordered the old style that they had some defects in. And I called them and let them know they where not working and they sent me out some of the new style “ much better “ I think well worth it nice customer service recommend this company

  15. Mark

    Purchased a helmet light at the grass drags and they where happy to install it on my new helmet. thanks

  16. CALEIGH MANNETTE (verified owner)

    Purchased and received my product. Nicely designed. Great product. Already ordered more for my riding buddies! Love it!
    Thank you

  17. Sean T (verified owner)

    One of the guys in our group bought one of these last year. I must admit, I picked on him. Then we rode. What an amazing difference ! It was not only nice to keep track of your group out on lakes, but the visibility through snow dust when you can’t really see the taillight is where it really shined. Great product and great quality. Almost everyone in our group has one now.

  18. Larry Stevens

    I’ve purchased three. Two blue and one amber. A must have item for safety and dazzle. Love em!

  19. Julie Scherer (verified owner)

    We love the helmet lights, we bought both blue & pink. We could not believe how bright they were & how helpful they were while riding. Many people who saw us on the trails asked about them as well. We would highly recommend these.

  20. William Ganter (verified owner)

    purchased two pink and blue. what a breeze to install. great quality and wow are they bright!

  21. Jeff Blanck (verified owner)

    I love these lights. I got blue for myself and pink for my wife and the others that we ride with ordered some the next day. They got different colors so we can see who is who while on the trails. They were very easy to install and they look great both during the day and the night. It makes it much easier for those behind us to see us through the woods even if we are around the corner. Great product at a reasonable price.

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