While Ski-Doo may have started out as a snowmobile manufacturer, its name has transcended into a way of life for sledders everywhere. So much so that people in Canada don’t snowmobile – they Ski-Doo!

Over time, Ski-Doo quickly became synonymous with snowmobiles and winter sports, setting the pace for the snowmobile industry. Ski-Doo reinvented snowmobiling many times over with engineering, design and innovation, eventually growing to one of the largest snowmobile brands in the world.

Ski-Doo has come a long way since Joseph-Armand Bombardier invented his groundbreaking snowmobile in 1959. Once too heavy and bulky as a viable option, todays models are stronger, lighter, and more fuel-efficient than ever before, offering superior handling and safety on the trails.

There are over 700,000 registered sledders in Canada, many of them are Ski-Doo owners. Every single sled relies on carbide runners and some use studs to grip the ground. The sharper your runners and studs are, the better your sled’s traction. Snowmobiling becomes incredibly dangerous when your runners and studs wear down, as you lose handling and control when you need it most.

To recapture the feeling of superior handling on your Ski-Doo, it once meant replacing your runners and studs due to road crossings, detours and fuel stops. But with BITEHARDER’s sharpening tools, dull carbides and runners are a thing of the past. Attaching easily to the end of your cordless drill, industrial diamond-coated tools from BITEHARDER sharpen your runners in studs in a matter of minutes no matter where you are. The finished product is an edge that maximizes the effectiveness and performance of your carbide over time, and provides a safer, more enjoyable day with your Ski-Doo.

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