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Friday Jan 6, 2023


The story behind the hottest aftermarket product in snowmobiling: “Helmet Safety Lights” Let’s face it, as snowmobilers we are passionate about our sport and are […]


Tuesday Mar 9, 2021

The Most Neglected Piece of Snowmobile Equipment

Your trailer! Yup, you read that right. The trailer is a much needed tool, but often overlooked when it comes time for maintenance. So why […]


Monday Feb 22, 2021

Raise Your Hand…if Fog Frustrates you on the Trail

Wear glasses? Wear sunglasses? Either one of these under your helmet visor can put you in the group that gets down right frustrated with FOG! […]


Monday Feb 22, 2021

Trail Sign Tips with The Intrepid Snowmobiler

A variety of issues can create messy, as well as confusing messages on trial sign posts. From a lack of financial resources, well meaning locals […]


Thursday Feb 11, 2021

“Why Can’t Everyone Stay in Their Own Lane?” with The Intrepid Snowmobiler

Are you seeing the close calls happening more and more often? Is the trail feeling less and less safe? Getting pushed out by the “middle […]


Wednesday Sep 23, 2020

BITEHARDER® to market “Snowmobile Helmet Safety Lights” as part of their campaign for “Safer Snowmobiling”

Glenn Welch, President of Welch Manufacturing Technologies, Ltd., BITEHARDER’s parent company, has just announced that they have teamed up with Lenn Johnson and LJE Products, […]


Wednesday Dec 11, 2019

Featured in The Intrepid Snowmobiler

Why Carbides Are Important Most trail riders have experienced this scary situation. It happens when your sled unexpectedly doesn’t go where you’re trying to steer. […]


Wednesday Jan 31, 2018

5 Reasons Why Ontario Should Be Your Next Snowmobiling Destination

The ideal snow sport for anyone with an interest in speed and adventure, snowmobiling is a beloved winter activity. There are many beautiful places around the world for snowmobilers to test their merit, but Ontario stands out for many reasons.


Thursday Nov 30, 2017

BITEHARDER’s Top Snowmobile Holiday Gift Ideas | Best Gifts for Snowmobilers

Give your snowmobile lover the gift of maximum snowmobile performance every time they head out on the trail this winter. BITEHARDER carbide runner and stud sharpening tools with Advantedge™ Technology provide the best edge in handling, performance and safety, and our new “Holiday Combo Packs” with “free shipping” are the perfect way to save.


Tuesday Jan 10, 2017

Diamonds are a Sledder’s Best Friend

This winter, when you drop down to one knee, remember there is never a substitute for diamonds. This statement becomes especially true when you’re out in the elements on your snowmobile. And no, we’re not toting around high-end jewelry, but rather diamond coated Carbide Runner & Stud Sharpening tools from BiteHarder. BiteHarder is currently revolutionizing the snowmobile industry by using our patented AdvantEdge technology to create incredibly sharp edges for your worn-down runners. The power behind our cordless drill bit applications comes from the strength of the hardest material on Earth – Diamonds!


Monday Dec 12, 2016

The Items You Need to BITEHARDER

Here at BITEHARDER, our goal is to help you have the best snowmobile experience possible. Our different products are engineered to keep your machine functioning at full capacity, longer, so you can focus more on enjoying the trails and less on the technical details. We carry a complete lineup of runner sharpening tools, accessories, and apparel so you can keep hitting the powder again and again.


Friday Jul 15, 2016

Sharp Edges Provide the Best Traction: Here’s Why

When you’re out there shredding, nothing’s worse than losing traction. Attaining high speeds on your snowmobile can be a dangerous proposition without inadequate equipment. But when you also factor in worn down carbide runners and studs, making turns and stopping on a dime can be downright scary.


Friday Jul 1, 2016

Snowmobile Traction – Providing the Safest Ride on Snow

Conceptualized in the early 20th century to travel across deep snow, sleds connected people living in remote, wintery locations to utilities and supplies. As engineering improved and snowmobiles became more common in cold weather climates, new technology was created to help sleds move faster, more comfortably, over rougher terrain and varying conditions.  In the 60’s, brands like Bombardier and Polaris emerged, and the modern snowmobile was born.