No matter what type of rider you are, using Qualipieces carbide runners is a great way for you to maximize the safety and performance of your sled. And now with BITEHARDER’s sharpening tools, you can increase the effectiveness over the life of your runners.

Founded in 1997, Qualipieces laid its roots in Drummondville, Quebec. Through years of invention and innovation, they continue to produce masterful carbide runners and anti-darting devices. 

Qualipieces offers two main types of carbide runners that BITEHARDER can sharpen.

Standard Runners – If you like to pave your own way, Qualipieces standard runners are perfect for any riders who steer clear of frozen solid terrain on the trails. These runners feature extra-long bolts and beveled edges that make installation a breeze.

Top Gold Runners – Qualipieces gives riders a versatile carbide for both well-established icy trails and those trails covered in powder. Top Gold Runners come in both single and dualie models and are carefully hand-soldered. They help to eliminate darting no matter the environment. 

The Qualipieces manufacturing process is incredibly thorough, and it shows in the quality and durability of their products. But like all carbide runners, Qualipieces’ runners tend to dull out after you put enough miles on them. And dull carbides lead to a sled that lacks razor sharp control, which leads to an unsafe snowmobiling experience.

By simply attach BITEHARDER’s carbide sharpener to the end of a cordless drill, within seconds, you’ll re-sharpen the carbide edge assuring optimal handling and better confidence in any conditions.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the application of BITEHARDERS’s sharpening tools and how they work with your Qualipieces carbide runners.