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With the convenience of using a cordless drill, our diamond coated Carbide Runner and Stud Sharpening tools allow you to quickly and effectively re-sharpen your carbide runners and studs without the need to remove them from your snowmobile! Our patented AdvantEdge™ Technology allows you to get all the performance your snowmobile has to offer giving you the safest ride on snow.

Experience the Benefits: Time saving, cost efficient, and simple to use, our sharpening tools provide many benefits:

The best carbide edge and the sharpest studs on snow!

The edge on new carbide runners wears off very quickly, compromising your ability to control your snowmobile. BITEHARDER tools are designed to replace this worn factory edge with our AdvantEdge, providing you with a better, longer lasting carbide runner edge and sharper carbide stud tip. And with your BITEHARDER tools, you can keep your edges and tips sharp all season long. Perfect traction for every mile you put on this season.

Talk about convenience

Got a minute – get a grip! All you need is a drill and about one minute to re-sharpen you carbide runners. No need to remove them from the sled. Carbide runners and studs can be sharpened in place. Ride sharp every time you head out on the trail. For added convenience, we offer our Side Support Pole, which positions and holds your snowmobile on its side at any angle. This allows for quick, easy access to the runners and studs. Sharpening your carbide runners and studs doesn’t get any easier!

Why compromise on safety?

Never ride on dull traction products again. Sharper runners and studs are critical to safety and performance and the key to controlling your snowmobile for the best grip on snow, hard pack, ice and even asphalt. Our sharpening tools are designed to give you the sharpest edge for the safest ride possible.

Complete Sharpening Series

We know that winter is short and riding is important which is why we offer convenience and simplicity when it comes to maintaining your traction products. What could be easier than using a cordless drill? Our new 12 Volt Carbide Grinder. Small enough to be stowed with your tool kit, yet powerful enough to sharpen your carbide runners. And it runs off your snowmobiles battery for anywhere/anytime sharpening convenience. What else would you expect from BITEHARDER.
Our Professional Series tools give you control in the garage. These are the fastest sharpening tools we have ever produced. Connected to a pneumatic or electric die grinder you can sharpen your runners in less time than it takes to put on your helmet, and sharpen all the studs in your track in less than 15 seconds per stud. Amazing!

Industry Leader

All of our BITEHARDER tools are precision CNC machined from quality stainless steel and feature the highest quality diamond cutting media for longevity and performance. Our AdvantEdge Technology is the best edge on snow. Get the maximum performance your sled has to offer every time you head out on the trail and BITEHARDER this winter.

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