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BITEHARDER’s “Better Traction – Better Trails Program” returns 10% of every customer product sale directly to the participating state or province the order is placed from.

BITEHARDER’s full line of carbide runner and stud sharpening tools have become widely recognized for their ability to provide riders with a simple, and cost-effective method to “stay sharp” all season long with repeatable traction performance that provides better handling, performance and safety.

Snowmobilers not only get the benefits of sharp traction, but also the benefit of better grooming from the monies that BITEHARDER donates back. The program provides a win-win scenario for both riders and the trails they ride on.

“Better Traction”, and now “Better Trails”, with help from BITEHARDER.

Click the link below to see the full press release on the “Better Traction – Better Trails Program.”

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BITEHARDER’S “Brand Ambassador Program” is a great way to get a free BITEHARDER STD Series Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool, and promote our brand with one of the HOTTEST DECALS for your trailer or tow vehicle. You cover the cost for the decal and decal shipping and we pay for the tool and all associated tool shipping costs. We also provide you with “Brand Ambassador” only discounts and special promotions on future orders of BITEHARDER products.

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