STUD BOY® manufactures some of the best high-performance carbide runners and carbide studs on the market. Established in 1989, STUD BOY® traction products are the real deal. Produced and tested by teams of both trail riders and racers, STUD BOY® is dedicated to making your sled handle optimally in any conditions.

Studs are critical to giving you better traction, stability, acceleration and braking while working in conjunction with your carbide runners to maximize a sled’s performance. With the proper set-up, a snowmobile responds better allows for a safer riding experience out on the trails.

BITEHARDER’s sharpening tools; you’ll be able to maintain a sharp carbide runner edge or sharp carbide stud tip the life of your STUD BOY® products.

BITEHARDER tools work with all styles of STUD BOY® carbide runners and carbide studs. This includes:

– Power Points
– Power Point Plus
– Lake Racer
– Triumph
– Deuce Bar
– Shaper Bar
– Round Bar

If you have any questions about BITEHARDER or any of its applications, please contact us today!