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Snowmobile Technology

Monday Aug 28, 2017

Stay Warm, Dry and Safe with Some of the Coolest in Snowmobile Gear Available

At BITEHARDER we know snowmobiling is in many ways, an experience of man versus nature. Riders can spend 8 to 12 hours a day and hundreds of miles on the trails. We want to make sure you know the best products out there to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. Below we have outlined some of the more innovative and coolest gear available for the 2017/2018 season.


Tuesday Dec 27, 2016

Is 4 Really Greater than 2? The Engine Stroke Argument

Everyone wants to be the best, especially when they’re choosing equipment. Snowmobiles are no different. But what makes for the best snowmobile experience varies among riders. Some people are searching for raw power, others need a balance between strength and efficiency. The result is the longstanding battle between 2 and 4-stroke engines. Fans of each will argue until they’re blue, but the perfect choice will depend on your personal goals.


Wednesday Nov 30, 2016

Aggression and Innovation: The History of Snowmobiles and Carbide Runners

Traveling in the snow used to be a pain. Snowshoes – those oversized tennis rackets from cartoons – were the best bet when traversing powder on foot. Sled dog teams made the process faster and more efficient, but feeding and caring for a team of huskies was difficult over long distances. Believe it or not, it took longer to create an efficient snow vehicle than it did to launch mankind into the air.


Monday Oct 31, 2016

The Newest Technology for Snowmobiles

These days, snowmobiles perform better and faster than ever before. Each new model has better capabilities, can handle faster speeds, and performs more efficiently than the previous model. Learn about the newest in snowmobile tech and how you can get your vehicle on the cutting edge.