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The Newest Technology for Snowmobiles

These days, snowmobiles perform better and faster than ever before.  Each new model has better capabilities, can handle faster speeds, and performs more efficiently than the previous model. Learn about the newest in snowmobile tech and how you can get your vehicle on the cutting edge.

Carbide-Sharpening Accessories

Your traction system is arguably one of the most important elements of your snowmobile. Optimum traction allows you to travel at speeds up to 100 miles per hour, covering great distances. Your snowmobile must be able to keep up with changing conditions, however, from snowpack to fresh powder, even onto bare pavement.

Nowadays, traction systems can handle these changes with the help of carbide runners and studs. Unfortunately, these carbide accessories wear out quickly, especially on rough or rocky terrain. Before the development of carbide-sharpening accessories, riders had to constantly replace runners and studs, which cost money and valuable time. Now, however, snowmobilers can opt to reuse their costly equipment and spend more time riding.

Carbide sharpening accessories from BITEHARDER are compact, lightweight, and designed to fit easily in your survival pack. There’s no more calling it quits because of worn studs or runners – thanks to BITEHARDER’s patented system, you’ll be back on the trail within minutes. Simply attach a sharpening accessory to a cordless drill, and your runners can be sharper than factory edge in as fast as 30 minutes, giving you a smooth ride every time.

Weatherproof Clothing

Snowmobile suits can handle even the roughest riders. They are windproof, waterproof, and breathable, and they keep you safe from the elements while remaining comfortable. Durable nylon blends resist wear and tear while strategically placed vents cool you down when needed.

Cutting-Edge Survival Gear

If your survival kit consists of little more than a first aid kit, it’s time for an upgrade. Survival kits can pack a serious punch. Backpacks now double as gear stowers and lifesavers: If you’re ever caught in an avalanche, simply pull a string and a hidden compartment becomes an airbag. Vests are designed to be cut-proof, temperature regulating, and waterproof, allowing you to navigate the backcountry with ease. And sophisticated satellite radio systems allow you to venture further from civilization than ever before.

Technology benefits every snowmobiler, from the novice to the advanced backcountry trekker.  Stay close to the trails, or traverse mountains – with today’s accessories and sharpening tools, any journey is possible.

For more information about BITEHARDER’s line of sharpening accessories and apparel, please contact us.