American made in Medina, Minnesota since its inception in 1954, Polaris has always been a pioneer in snowmobile manufacturing. First conceptualized as a means of accessing remote hunting locations, Polaris has a rich history of creating incredibly versatile snowmobiles with a great amount of utility, performance and fun.

Owners of Polaris sleds know the rigors involved with a day on the trails. Moving at a high rate of speed on changing terrain often requiring emergency avoidance maneuvers can be a recipe for danger. It’s essential that your sled reacts in step with what you need it to do.

The number one cause of losing control of your sled comes from worn traction products. All traction equipment ships out of the factory with incredibly sharp edges; however after using your sled a few times time wears these edges down. It used to be impossible to replicate the performance and handling of your sled’s runners and studs without having to replace them. More so, replacing your new traction tools costs a good deal of money.

Sharpening tools from BITEHARDER can maximize the effectiveness and performance of your carbide runners and studs for the best ride possible every time you head out. By simply attaching one of our tools to a cordless drill, you carry with you the power to gain more control of your sled in a matter of minutes anywhere you need it.

Carbide is one of the hardest chemical compounds on Earth. In fact, it’s nearly twice as hard as steel. The only thing harder than carbide – Diamonds. BITEHARDER’s grinding tools are coated with industrial diamonds, and use our AdvantEdge Technology, to create a patented edge along your worn runners.

The result is the ability to ride at peak performance and safety in all conditions, all season long, making for a more enjoyable experience with your Polaris.