Sledding has come a long way since Yamaha first introduced the original two-stroke SL350 in 1968. Through decades of innovation and hundreds of thousands of machines sold, the Japanese motor manufacturer, with roots in motorcycles, has created one of the most popular brands of snowmobiles on the market today. With models for racers, powder lovers and trail riders alike, finding a Yamaha in your caravan is likely.  

But Yamaha owners, like all sled owners, face many potential pitfalls on the trails. When you come over that next hill, and you see a broken down machine, a huge rock, or an animal, it’s critical for your sled to respond the right way on command without pushing or skidding.

There’s an old adage that says to always take care of the things that separate you from the ground, such as your tires, shoes, and mattresses. In the snowmobile industry, the things that separate you from the ground are your carbide runners and studs.

Nothing is worse than being out on the trails with dull traction equipment particularly in winters ever changing conditions. When you need control most, it’s up to your runners and studs to grab whatever terrain you’re under. When studs and runners are worn down you compromise the integrity of how your machine performs.

Correcting traction problems in the name of safety and performance used to mean constantly replacing your studs and runners. This was an expensive proposition over the course of a season.

But BITEHARDER’s sharpening tools have created a simple solution that optimizes your sled’s performance at any location in only a few seconds.

You first attach our industrial diamond coated tool to a cordless drill allowing you to simply and effectively re-sharpen your carbide runners. The result is a very sharp edge that digs into the terrain much more effectively than before, thus contributing to a safer ride and all the performance built into your sled.

BITEHARDER is the perfect tool to enhance your Yamaha’s performance on the tails. Contact us today if you have any questions!