One of the most tried and true traction products on the market comes to riders from Mack Studs.

Located right in the middle of glorious New England snowmobile country in Moultonboro, NH, Mack Studs’ suite of traction products are renowned for their unmatched durability and performance when the trails get slick.

Carbide runners and studs directly correlate to your sled’s performance. Anything can happen during a long day on the trails, and the right equipment is critical to safety, performance and fun. Mack Studs prides themselves on manufacturing products that contributing to less darting and drifting.

They offer excellent stud traction packages that include backers, support washers, nylon lock nuts, drill bit and track templates, not to mention their full line of quality built carbide runners.

BITEHARDER can help you extend the effectiveness over the life of your Mack Studs products. Our carbide stud sharpening tool takes your worn stud and re-sharpens the tip. Once that very small tip gets worn down, our tool goes around and removes the host material, thus exposing the carbide stem. As you continue to sharpen the stud, our tool blends the stem in with the rest of the carbide. The end result is a 60 degree tip with the carbide sticking out on the end. BITEHARDER’s line of carbide runner sharpening tools put a superior edge back on your carbide runners for the best experience in performance and handling. Ingenious.

We’re proud to be able help riders maximize the use out of the following Mack Stud products:

– Standard Studs
– Mega Studs for Single Ply Tracks
– N-Vader Mega Stud
– Frostbite Racing Studs
– Carbide Runners
– The best warranty in the business

Contact us today if you have any questions about how to use our sharpening tools on your Mack Studs products.