In 1962, the first Arctic Cat was conceptualized in Thief River Falls, MN, and upon its creation, an enduring obsession for riders was born for both the sport of snowmobiling and the Arctic Cat brand. Decades later, sledders’ affection for Arctic Cat has only grown along with the company.

Arctic Cat enthusiasts have had an upfront seat to a snowmobiling revolution. From the Model100, the first front-end snowmobile produced in the U.S., to the lightning fast El Tigre of the late 90s, Arctic Cat continues to produce top of the line snowmobiles no matter your preferred utility.

And whether you’re into touring, off trail, or racing, you understand the importance of a safe and secure day on your Arctic Cat. You need superior handling, acceleration, and braking to ensure that when something unpredictable heads your way, you have the ability to control your sled. And the key to safety and performance comes from traction. 

The only thing standing between your sled and its performance are series of carbide runners and studs. The vast majority of traction problems happen when those runners and studs become dull. Without a sharp edge, your sled loses the ability to respond and safety becomes an issue.

Fixing your Arctic Cat’s dull runners and studs once meant expensive and time-consuming replacements requiring a trip to your dealer. But those days are now over thanks to BITEHARDER’s innovative traction sharpening tools. 

Our patented tools are coated in industrial diamonds and are the only product on the market able to re-sharpen carbide runners and studs to increase their performance and effectiveness over their lifetime. Plus, BITEHARDER’s sharpening tools are portable, which means they work wherever you go with your Arctic Cat.

So contact us today if you have any questions on how our traction technology will work with your Arctic Cat.