Woody’s is a name synonymous with traction tools and equipment and considered by many to be THE choice for racers and trail riders alike.  With BITEHARDER’s sharpening tools, snowmobile owners can now maintain a sharp carbide runner edge and sharp carbide stud edge with our patented sharpening technology.

Woody’s has a very rich history in the snowmobile world.  Founded by Woody Kozlow and James Musselman, Woody’s invented the process of attaching carbides to the bottoms of skis in the sixties. Once riders around the country realized the increased handling and wear characteristics gained from carbide, the Woody’s brand grew.  Eventually, the company developed more traction products (including studs) that significantly changed the snowmobiling traction industry for the better.

In the same spirit of innovation, BITEHARDER’s patented diamond coated sharpening tools can reshape any worn Woody’s runner or stud with our AdvantEdge™ Technology.  You get more quality miles out of your traction products because they are always performing at peak levels.



Biteharder works on all types of Woody’s products, both for trail and competition purposes.

How Does BITEHARDER work on Woody’s Runners and Studs?
No matter what your environment or location, with the use of a cordless drill you can quickly and easily sharpen your carbides, providing the ultimate in performance and safety every time you head out on the trail.


Why Are Sharp Carbides and Studs Important?
In the snowmobiling environment, there are many things you cannot control: the quality of the trail, snow conditions, other riders, etc.  With sharp carbide runners and studs you’ll be more confident in your abilities to handle changing conditions.

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