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Helmet Accessory Power Cord


    • Better gage wiring, improved over-molded silicone material, and the highest quality RCA connectors, assure the best power delivery possible.
      • Provides longer life and more secure connections than OEM power cords that come with your heated shield.
      • Upgrade/replace the power cord that came with your heated shield for better performance.
    • Designed to work with BITEHARDER’s Helmet Safety Light
    • Includes fixed length short cord for connection at the helmet and expandable long cord for connection to your snowmobile’s accessory plug.
    • Quick disconnect protects your snowmobile’s accessory power from accidentally shorting.
    • Designed by snowmobilers for snowmobilers.
    • Compatible with all your 12-volt RCA connector style power cords.
    • Convenience, innovation, safety and performance. Just what you expect from BITEHARDER.

    U.S. PATENT # 11382376

    Helmet Accessory Power Cord – Use Instructions

    Download Instructions


With your front coil springs adjusted for your individual riding style, measure the distance between the coils (See Diagram), with your machine on the ground under its own weight.


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