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Why Snowmobiling Is a Fantastic Value (and Fun Too!)

Many people save some of their extra cash for travel, pinching pennies here and there to fly around the globe and marvel at the customs, landmarks, and monuments. The biggest problem is cost. It’s hard to pay for more than a few days of sightseeing, lodging, and food.

What activity gives you the best value for your money and time? Snowmobiling. When you own one of these incredible machines, you can enjoy the benefits again and again. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run, because the regular maintenance can be cheaper than most round-trip airfares.

Why Snowmobiling Is Awesome

It’s easy to say snowmobiling is fun. We could say going to the dentist is fun, but that doesn’t make it true. The proof, however, is in the powder. Snowmobiling is a fantastic activity for the whole family because:

  • You can disconnect. No matter how stressful your job or responsibilities, everything seems far away when you’re coasting over miles of fresh snow in the wilderness.
  • There are seemingly endless trails. The United States and Canada boast more than 230,000 miles of trails between them.The sights are truly incredible. As the snow levels and temperatures change, you’ll be treated to new sights and wildlife in its winter habitat.

The Cost Breakdown

You can acquire the most basic snowmobile for less than $6,000 – brand new. High-end models may cost upward of $15,000, but beginners and casual riders can enjoy the less expensive models. You can also find used machines at steep discounts, often inspected or reconditioned by the dealer when they’re traded in.

The operating cost is quite reasonable, too. You have fuel, of course, along with the occasional oil change. Most carbide runners won’t need changing for several hundred miles, depending on the snowmobile brand and the terrain you’re traversing. You can acquire many carbide runners for less than $200 per set. Plus, innovations like BITEHARDER’s carbide sharpening tools allow you to refresh those runners without having to buy new ones. Compare those costs to the average $4,500 for a family summer vacation and it’s definitely a better value.

There’s no reason to settle for the mundane. Go further. Do more. BITEHARDER.