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Why is My Sled Darting?

No matter what you call it – darting, sliding, pushing, pulling, swapping, or skidding – maintaining control of your sled so it’s pointed in the right direction correlates to a safer, more predictable, and overall enjoyable riding experience.

So why exactly does your sled dart or drift?

Think for a moment about the terrain riders tackle on the trails. Snow, ice, dirt and asphalt all come in contact with the underside of your skis and your track at any given time. Each of these elements becomes relatively dynamic when temperatures vary, meaning as the weather gets warmer, snow conditions change. Snow and ice can turn to slush in a matter of hours just as solid dirt can morph to mud.  Snowmobiling is a unique sport for these reasons.

To avoid darting and drifting a rider must take a litany of precautionary measures to be prepared for whatever the elements have to offer.

Darting is when your sled gets caught in preexisting tracks from snowmobile that have traversed the trail in front of you. When this happens, your sled tends to do one of two things (or, in many cases, both). First, your sled will want to stay locked into that set of tracks. Second, your sled jumps from one track to another. In both instances, you feel helpless and out of control.

Drifting and pushing, on the other hand, happen as you turn your sled around a corner and sense that your skis are not holding to the snow or your track isn’t connecting with the snow.

Drifting and darting aren’t uncommon occurrences to riders and can be associated with the way your suspension is set-up, but most always are a direct result of traction problems. And the number one causes of traction problems are worn down carbide runners and studs. But BITEHARDER created a solution.

Replacing your dull carbide runners and studs used to be the only solution. A time-consuming and expensive solution at that. BITEHARDER sharpening tools attach quickly to the end of a cordless drill can sharpen dull runners and studs in a matter of minutes. BITEHARDER tools are a simple and convenient solution to sharpening your snowmobiles carbide traction products.

Eliminate darting and drifting with our diamond coated AdvantEdge™ Technology. Ride safer and experience all the performance your snowmobile has to offer, every time you head out on the trail.

Contact us at BITEHARDER if you have any questions about our products or to learn more about our patented technology that’s sweeping the snowmobile community.