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Top 10 Adrenaline Junkies – Part One

We at BITEHARDER are huge admirers of those who blur the lines of athletics and insanity in extreme sports. Here is the first part of our list of the Top Ten Adrenaline Junkies of all time, complete with links to some of their craziest feats.

10. Tucker Hibbert – Snowcross might not be as death-defying as jumping out of an airplane from space (we’ll get to that later), but, in our universe, hitting 60 MPH while navigating turns, corners and making 60-foot jumps is pretty extreme. Hibbert is a legend in the sport, having won gold at the X-Games as a 15-year old, and then racking up nine straight wins from 2007-2016.
9. Luke Aikins – Extreme sports has come a long way from the days of tightrope walking in New York and Houdini Stunts. Last July, Aikins descended 25,000 feet from an airplane without a parachute, where he landed safely in a net. We don’t think the helmet he wore would have helped too much had he missed!
8. Tanner Foust – Foust is a wild-man behind the wheel, and lived out a real-life fantasy of children everywhere in a series of Hot Wheels stunts, including setting the world record distance jump for a four-wheeled vehicle at the Indy 500 in 2011.
7. Robbie Maddison – Equal parts professional and showman, Maddison pushed the limits in FXM for years. If you spent your New Year’s Eve in front of a TV, you may remember Maddison breaking the world motorcycle jumping record in 2007 abd also successfully jumping to the top of the 10-Story Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas in 2009, and then dropping back down. (Bonus: Maddison’s Pipe Dream is about the coolest video you can find!)
6. Paul Steiner – Red Bull athletes do some crazy things, often blending dreams and reality to create insane video content. The stars of these shows have a ton of guts. Austrian Paul Steiner and his team, including pilots Ewald Roithner and Kurt Tippl, pulled off the ‘Connecting Flight’ stunt straight out of a Hollywood movie in 2010. After a year of rehearsing, Steiner exited the cockpit of a Blanik L-13, walked on the wing and then dropped and landed on a second plane.

Stay tuned for Part Two!

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