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The Items You Need to BITEHARDER

Here at BITEHARDER, our goal is to help you have the best snowmobile experience possible. Our different products are engineered to keep your machine functioning at full capacity, longer, so you can focus more on enjoying the trails and less on the technical details. We carry a complete lineup of runner sharpening tools, accessories, and apparel so you can keep hitting the powder again and again.

The BITEHARDER Sharpeners

Our carbide runner sharpeners are what sets us apart from the competition. These innovative tools are specially engineered to give new life to used runners, instead of you having to replace them. Each one is made of carbide – an incredibly tough material found in industrial drills. They’re more than strong enough to file out dings and scratches and leave you with a runner that’s as sharp as the day it was installed.

One of the best things about our sharpeners? You don’t have to remove the runners to use them. This means you can simply elevate your machine and use them instead of wasting time taking it apart or hauling it to a shop.

We offer three different sharpening tool selections, all offering the performance you expect from BITEHARDER. The STD Series is designed to work with a standard drill. This means anyone can enjoy the benefits of sharpening their own runners.

The Pro Series, on the other hand, takes things to the next level. These tools are designed to be used with pneumatic grinders with a 10,000 RPM minimum. If your shop is looking for the best sharpening tools, look no further. Our Pro Series includes equipment to sharpen both runners and studs so your clients will always have the best grip. Period.


We also offer some accessories to complement our incredible sharpening tools. Take the side support pole, for instance. This adjustable rod is made from aircraft grade aluminum and includes a strong, easy-to-use clamp to get things going even faster. When you use the side support pole, your snowmobile will be held in prime position for sharpening carbides, inspecting track, and adjusting suspension. We also offer other accessories from decals to grinders, so you can show the world what it means to BITEHARDER.


When you love something, you want to show it off. We get that, so we stock a full line of clothing to let the world know how serious you are about snowmobiling. From pullover hoodies to fleece vests and ball caps, there’s no shortage of choices for you and your family. Because BITEHARDER isn’t just a brand. It’s a way of life.