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Snowmobiling – It’s Not Just for Winter Anymore

Are you down because the days are getting longer and the snow is starting to melt? While North America may be thawing, snowmobiling doesn’t have to be just a winter sport. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy your favorite cold weather pastime, check out these top snowmobile destinations.

South America
South America is in the southern hemisphere, so when it’s summer in the United States, they’re experiencing the opposite season. The continent has several opportunities for riding adventure.

Travel to Malalcahuelo, Chile in August to ride through the Andes Mountains. Climb to rugged peaks for panoramic views, and then explore rugged backcountry terrain through untouched powder fields.

Patagonia, Argentina has snowy peaks any time of year. Sign up for a nighttime tour for starry skies and moonlit woods while you observe beaver and deer in their natural habitat.

In Greenland, natives use snowmobiles year-round. During winter they serve as primary transportation, and, in summer, they take them hunting in the mountains or to picnics in the hills. Tours offer a chance to explore the ice cap, see the northern lights, or exchange your snowmobile for a dog sled ride.

Sign up for a snowmobile adventure that starts at the Gulfoss Waterfall and takes you through snowy countryside to Langjokull glacier, the second largest glacier in the country. The breathtaking glacier is completely uninhabited and blanketed in untouched snow. It is surrounded by volcanoes, and you’ll occasionally see volcanic craters filled with ice. Eiriksjokull glacier is a table mountain created by eruptions during the last ice age, and nearby you’ll see one of Europe’s largest geothermal mountain ranges. The mountains are vibrantly colorful against the stark white ice.

Polar Ice Caps
Snowmobilers from the 1968 Plaisted Expedition were the first to ride all the way to the North Pole by land, and since then enthusiasts have been repeating their journey. The route is treacherous and requires skirting ice ridges as high as two-story buildings, and temperatures that often drop below -25 degrees.

When every corner of the globe has been Google-mapped, it starts to feel like there’s no uncharted territory to explore. That feeling goes away in Siberia, where a full-length fur coat is standard attire year-round. In March, the temperature is still below -13, and the frozen wilderness lasts all year. Siberia’s name comes from a Cossack word that means “sleeping land,” as the countryside forever sleeps beneath a blanket of ice. Snowmobile around Lake Baikal or experience the exhilaration of endless powder along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

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