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Snowiest Places in the U.S. and Canada

Some of the snowiest locations in Canada and the United States are the places you’d expect. Anchorage Alaska has an average of 48 days of snowfall a year, and Quebec receives over 200 inches annually. However, if you’re looking for snow, you might be surprised where you’re most likely to find it.

Here are the snowiest locations.

Most Snow in A Day

A record-breaking snowstorm occurred in Silver Lake, Colorado when it received almost 76 inches of snow in 24 hours. The lake is 40 miles outside of Denver at an elevation of 10,200 feet. The snow started falling one April afternoon and kept on falling. After 32 hours straight, there was a total of 95 inches from the storm.

In Canada, 57 inches fell at Tahtsa Lake in 1999. Pleasant Camp, British Columbia also set records with 50 feet in a 24-hour period.

Other places with state or territorial records for one-day snowfall are as follows:

Georgetown, Colorado – 63 inches
Thompson Pass, Alaska – 62 inches
Giant Forest, California – 60 inches
Cape Madeleine, Quebec – 48 inches

Most Snow in A Year

The snowiest United States region is in the Cascade Mountains, with weather stations on Mount Rainier and Mount Baker reporting higher snowfall totals than anywhere else in the nation. Mount Baker’s downhill ski area broke world records for annual snowfall in 1999 when it received 1140 inches in one season.

In Canada, Woody Point, Newfoundland averages more than 21 feet of snow every winter. Forest Montmorency, Quebec is a close second, with annual totals around 20 feet. British Columbia’s mountains receive even higher totals. Snow falls an average of 141 days a year in Glacier National Park.

Totals for 2017-2018

Weather officials have been monitoring snowfall in the United States and Canada to compile a list of the snowiest cities with populations of over 100,000. This year Erie, Pennsylvania is in the lead with more than 154 inches. Several New York cities are close behind.

Canadian forecasters predicted a colder winter between the Prairies and Quebec but warmer in British Columbia. Barrie, Ontario has the highest snowfall in Canada with more than 87 inches.

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