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Sharp Edges Provide the Best Traction: Here’s Why

When you’re out there shredding, nothing’s worse than losing traction. Attaining high speeds on your snowmobile can be a dangerous proposition without inadequate equipment. But when you also factor in worn down carbide runners and studs, making turns and stopping on a dime can be downright scary.

At Biteharder, we have the world’s first carbide runner and stud sharpening tool. Replacing parts on your snowmobile is not only expensive, but it’s time-consuming and laborious. Worst of all, the hours and days you spend with your machine out of commission, the less time you’ll have on the powder. When you use our product, you’ll sharpen every stud on your track in around 30 minutes, giving you enhanced safety and performance. The Biteharder application easily syncs with a cordless drill and runs off your snowmobile’s battery power to sharpen a factory-grade edge.

How does Sharpening your Blade Affect Performance?
An excellent way to explain why sharpening your blade is critical is to think about another winter sport: Hockey. In a game largely based on a player’s need to make sharp turns, accelerate like a racehorse, and come to a screeching halt, the best players have the ability to move effortlessly. A brilliant hockey player makes quick decisions and has the athleticism to be in the right position to make a play. But despite all their physical advantages, the Crosby’s and Ovechkin’s of the world rely heavily on the quality of their skates to make it look so easy.

Some pros go as far as sharpening their skates every period, as their job is based on performance. But even for an amateur skater whose goal is to take few laps around the rink, a dull blade can feel like trying to stand up on a set of butter knives.

You can apply that same logic to your sled. Your runners are the point at which your snowmobile connect with the elements, and it’s critical for them to be in prime condition. Investing in our product can give you masterful control without the hassle of replacing parts regularly. It’s truly a game changer in the snowmobile industry.

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