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OFSC Launches “Go Safe with BITEHARDER” Program

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is pleased to announce a new safety partnership with BITEHARDER Products, manufacturers of do-it-yourself snowmobile traction sharpening products. Both organizations advocate for safe snowmobiling and as such, BITEHARDER is now the official sponsor of the OFSC “Go Safe” program for the upcoming season.

“This program will help save lives and significantly reduce the number of accidents seen on the trails, as the ability to ride continually with better traction results in a much safer riding experience,” says Glenn Welch, President of BITEHARDER Products.

The Go Safe With BITEHARDER program not only promotes the safety aspects of improved traction, but also contributes 10% of all BITEHARDER sales from Ontario residents direct to the Federation, in support of its efforts to provide more than 30,000 kilometers of the best groomed trails in Canada.

“It is a win-win scenario for both parties,” says Lisa Stackhouse, Manager, Marketing, Communications & Partners at the OFSC. “This money will go a long way in delivering snowmobilers the best riding experience every time they head out on the trail, not only through better traction but better conditions as well.”

The program kicked off recently with an OFSC volunteer receiving a BITEHARDER carbide runner sharpening tool for Safety Ambassador in recognition for their hard work and dedication to providing safe on trail snowmobiling experiences in Ontario.

“This season we are developing the specifics of the Go Safe With BITEHARDER program and are excited to be working with The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs to help finalize various details of the program,” said Welch.

BITEHARDER makes both carbide runner and stud sharpening tools that a snowmobiler can use throughout the winter to maintain these important traction products in the best possible operating condition for better steering, stopping and control while riding.