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Getting Your Sled Ready for Winter

Get the best experience with your snowmobile by following these tips on how to get your snowmobile ready for the upcoming season.

Wash and Perform a Visual Inspection

While the weather’s still mild, thoroughly wash your machine.  This will enable you to inspect your machine for any damage that may have been overlooked when you put it away last spring.

Pay particular attention to cracks or corrosion, lose or missing bolts, fluid leaks and proper operation of suspension components. Repair as required!

Fuel System

If you didn’t remember to add fuel stabilizer when you put your snowmobile away last spring, it may be a good idea to drain the tank and start with fresh gasoline.  Then you may want to clean your carburetors or injectors with a recommended fuel additive.  For both two-stroke and four-stroke engines, you should replace the fuel filter if it’s an external type.


Have your two stroke motors power valves professionally cleaned for proper operation. Put in a fresh set of properly gapped spark plugs and verify that your throttle cable is properly working without binding.

Drive Train

There is never a more important time to pay attention to your drive train than at the beginning of the season. This includes inspecting your belt for wear and replacing if needed, inspecting your clutch and torque converter for proper alignment and operation, and checking your Hyfax for the amount of wear and replacing if necessary.

If required, change your gear case oil and adjust the chain tension.

Inspect your track for missing clips, tears or excessive wear. Set the tracks tension and alignment per your sled manufacturer’s recommendations.


Don’t forget to check your brakes for worn brake pads and possible disc damage. Your parking brake should also be checked for proper operation.


Now is the best time to top off all fluids. Brake fluid, engine oil and coolant (four strokes), chain case oil, and injection oil (two strokes). Make sure to also grease all fittings including the front and rear suspension.


Inspect the condition of your skis both top and bottom. Verify ski alignment using various methods and adjust per manufacturers recommendations. Don’t forget to grease the spindles.

Traction Products (Carbide Runners and Studs)

Replace your carbide runners with a new set to start the season off right. Keep your runners sharp with BITEHARDER’s convenient Standard Series Carbide Runner sharpening tool. Based on riding conditions (trail conditions, road crossings, etc.) and to get the most out of your runners, sharpen every two to three hundred miles.
Sharp runners provide the best performance and safety out on the trail.

If you use studs in your track, inspect them and replace any broken or bent studs. BITEHARDER’s Standard Series Carbide Stud Sharpening tool is designed to put a new edge on any studs that are in poor shape. Need to sharpen all of your studs? BITEHARDER’s Pro Series Carbide Stud Sharpening Tool will put a new tip on all of your studs in as little as 20 to 30 minutes saving time and money.

Winter can sneak up on us fast, so you’ll want to be ready when the snow flies again.  Get your sled ready with BITEHARDER’s full line of runner and stud sharpening tools and “Ride Sharp” all season long.