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BITEHARDER® Releases New Standard Series Carbide Stud Sharpening Tool Providing a Full Line of Traction Sharpening Products

BITEHARDER® proudly announces the release of their newest sharpening tool, the Standard Series Stud Sharpener. The new tool allows for quick and easy maintenance of a worn or broken carbide stud, without the need for removing it from your track. You will now be able to sharpen both your Carbide Runners and Studs on or off the trails.

“This product really rounds out our full line of carbide traction sharpening products offered by BITEHARDER”, explains Glenn Welch, President of Welch Manufacturing Technologies, Ltd. This includes BITEHARDER’s STD and PRO Series Carbide Runner Sharpeners, and now STD and PRO Series Carbide Stud Sharpeners.

As snowmobile enthusiasts know well, trail conditions can quickly change from fresh snow or packed powder, to ice and even bare pavement. Traction products such as carbide runners and studs are necessary to help control the snowmobile when trail conditions change. In order for the rider to be able accelerate, turn and stop more effectively, it is imperative to keep your track studs sharp. Before BITEHARDER, and the ability to re-sharpen, replacing your traction products was the only option.

BITEHARDER’s STD Series Tools are designed to run using a cordless drill at lower RPM’s for convenient anywhere sharpening. Their PRO Series Tools are designed to run using a pneumatic or electric grinder at higher RPM’s, making them the perfect addition for dealers who want to provide a sharpening service, snowmobile rental facilities or for a family who owns multiple sleds.

All BITEHARDER products are designed and built by Welch Manufacturing Technologies, Ltd. at the companies Laconia, N.H. headquarters. BITEHARDER’s sharpening tools are CNC machined from stainless steel to precise tolerances. Industrial diamonds bonded to the face of the tools provide the cutting media to sharpen the traction products.

“As snowmobilers know, sharp traction products allow you to experience the highest levels of performance your machine has to offer, and provide a level of safety and confidence every time you head out on the trail”, says Welch.

For the 2017/2018 snowmobile season BITEHARDER’s new STD Series Stud Sharpening Tool will be available directly from BITEHARDER, and retails for $59.95. For more information about BITEHARDER’s carbide traction sharpening tools, and the new STD Series Stud Sharpener, including video demonstrations, visit www.biteharder.com.

Convenience, simplicity and performance – what you have come to expect from BITEHARDER.