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BITEHARDER® Releases New Polytune™ Rings for Improved Snowmobile Suspension Tuning

BITEHARDER® has just announced the release of its latest product – Polytune™ Suspension Rings, providing snowmobilers a simple and cost effective way to tune their suspension for improved performance and safety.

Polytune™ Rings are a split 360 degree ring of proprietary (patent pending) Micro-Cellular Polyurethane (MCU) material, designed to easily fit between the coils of your suspensions springs, allowing you to easily adjust your spring’s rate.

A “coil over” suspension, commonly used in the powersports industry, consists of a coil spring surrounding a shock. The shock controls the damping (compression and rebound) of the springs loads. Most “coil over” suspensions allow for shock damping adjustments, but spring rates remain a constant.

“This aftermarket application is quite simple. By adding a high tech material like our Polytune™ Rings to your suspension’s spring, you change its characteristics to a more progressive rate, allowing for faster suspension reaction times when needed, but also maintaining a compliant ride without sacrificing comfort.

The results speak for themselves. Your skis stay firmly planted on the snow, you maintain flatter handling in the corners, and see overall improved rough trail performance (particularly in the bumps). This also results in less rider fatigue at the end of the day”, explains Glenn Welch, President of Welch Manufacturing Technologies, Ltd., BITEHARDER’s parent company.

Welch says, “Suspension tuning devices have been standard equipment in the motorsports industry for many years including NASCAR, Monster Energy Cup Series, Formula One, ARCA Racing, ASA, Sprint Cars, and others. With BITEHARDER’s Polytune™ Rings you can now achieve this same type of tuning for the powersports industry”.

Many of the OEM’s are introducing costly systems that work to stiffen shock damping, but do not address the need for adjusting spring rates. Spring height adjustments can be made but these start to limit the amount travel your suspension provides. Polytune™ Rings allow you to maintain your suspension’s travel, and adjust your spring’s rate, all for under $20.00. BITEHARDER Polytune™ Rings may just change the way the powersports industry looks at suspension tuning.

Polytune™ Rings come in soft, medium and hard tuning densities to perfectly match your riding style. They are also available in four different heights to fit your springs coil spacing. Currently the only color available will be black. More color choices will be added in the future.

For the 2017/2018 snowmobile season BITEHARDER’s Polytune Rings will be available directly from BITEHARDER, and retails for $19.95/pair.