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Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool (Standard Series)


Our Standard Series Runner tool is designed as a maintenance tool to easily keep your runner’s sharp, without the need to remove them from your ski. BITEHARDER tools provide the best edge for handling, performance and safety. Why compromise? Never ride on dull carbide runners again!

  • Our standard series tools are designed to be used with a portable drill for anywhere sharpening convenience (trailside, trailer or garage)
  • With proper use our industrial diamond cutting media allows you to maintain your carbide runners edge over their entire useful life
  • Sharp edges provide improved control, handling and performance in all conditions
  • Better control of your snowmobile results in a much safer ride with less darting
  • Get more precision and accuracy through the corners
  • Bite into any surface for the best ride in all conditions including hard pack, ice and even asphalt
  • BITEHARDER sharpening tools with AdvantEdge™ Technology provide the best;
  • edge in handling and performance
  • sharp carbide edge over the life of your runners
  • precision and accuracy through the corners
  • control of your machine for the safest riding in all conditions

BITEHARDER – Allowing you to experience the maximum performance and safety your snowmobile has to offer, every time you head out on the trail.

Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool – Std Series Use Instructions

Download English Instructions Download French Instructions


With your front coil springs adjusted for your individual riding style, measure the distance between the coils (See Diagram), with your machine on the ground under its own weight.


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