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Snowmobile Carbide Runners

Best Snowmobile Carbide Runners

Sharpen Your Snowmobile’s Carbide Runners In Minutes with a Handheld Drill

Riding your sled with dull runners is like driving a Corvette with bald tires. Get the performance your snowmobile is capable of every time you ride. No more darting and tracking that reduce performance and put your safety at risk. Enjoying the benefits of sharp runners takes minutes, and only costs you pennies per sharpening!

Learn More About Our Snowmobile Carbide Runner SharpenerSnowmobile Carbide Runner Sharpener



  • Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool

    The Best Snowmobile Carbide Edge on Snow

    We call this our AdvantEdge technology and it allows you to put a better edge than what you get from the carbide manufacturer.

  • Improved Handling and Control

    Experience all the performance your sled has to offer every time you head out on the trail. No more compromises or frustrations that come with dull runners or studs, just consistent performance in all conditions.

  • More Precision Through the Corners

    Corner like you never have before with more confidence and stability.

  • Convenience

    Sharpen your sleds edges in less than a minute without the need to remove them from your snowmobile.

  • Safer Riding

    Sharp traction product using BITEHARDER‘s technology provides better handing and improved control keeping you and your family safe in all conditions.

  • Repeatable Traction Performance (RTP)

    Have you lost your edge? For improved performance/control and the safest ride on snow, stay sharp with Biteharder.

Snowmobile Carbide Runner Sharpener


Our Sharpeners Work with Most Major Carbide Runner Brands

Not sure if our carbide runner sharpener will work with your runners? Ask us!

Snowmobile Manufacturers

  • Arctic Cat

  • Polaris

  • Yamaha

  • SkiDoo

Traction Product Manufacturers

  • Woody’s

  • Studboy

  • MacStuds

  • Qualipieces

  • Cobra

  • Johmaster

  • Snowtracker

  • USI


  • Woody’s Dooley

  • Studboy Deucebar

  • Hedgehog Studs

  • Woody’s SlimJim

  • Polaris SLP