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Top Snowmobiling Destinations Around the Globe

Maybe you’ve been snowmobiling in Vail, Jackson Hole, and Denali National Park, but you’re ready to go somewhere that requires a passport. Once snowmobiling gets in your blood, each destination becomes an adventure you can’t pass up. Here are some of the most intriguing winter landscapes around the world.

Experience an otherworldly landscape when you sign up for a snowmobile tour on Europe’s second largest glacier in Iceland. Outside of Akureyri tours, explore the mountains and nearby Fjord around the Troll Peninsula. Most tours include helmets, gloves, coveralls, transportation, and a guide.

Finnish Lapland
Take a snowmobile safari to race through snowy forests, wide open meadows, and across frozen rivers. Ride to a husky or reindeer farm, and take a break from your machine to go for a sled ride pulled by four-legged animals. Ride at night to seek out the Northern Lights, or travel to some of the best ice fishing lakes in the world and catch your lunch before returning home.

The Swiss Alps
Find the most rugged, wild peaks in the Swiss Alps – and they aren’t just for skiing. Year after year they receive record snowfall that lasts long after the rest of the world has thawed. Start at Madesimo and ride to Cava through spectacular wintry landscapes. From there, head to Lago Nero, which means Black Lake, or head up Splugen Pass to the Swiss border. If the weather is clear, you’ll see abandoned ghost towns and meandering nature trails along the way.

Hokkaido, Japan
Japan isn’t always filled with sunlit days and blossoming trees. During winter, they get some of the snowiest weather in the region. Tours take you full-throttle through the back country, where you’ll pass trees heavy with snow, frozen creeks, and alpine meadows.

Siberian Russia
Much of Russia is uninhabited, so there are almost limitless opportunities for exploring untouched wilderness. One of the best tours takes you to Lak Baikal, the deepest freshwater body of water on the planet. The lake lies just north of Mongolia, and has 27 islands and miles of icy shoreline. Snowmobilers experience unusual rock formations and ride through mile after mile of desolate beauty. Return to Cape Katelnikovsky, and warm up with a soak in the natural hot pools.

New Zealand
Most of New Zealand looks like it’s straight out of a fantasy film. Some of its peaks stay covered in snow throughout the year, making it a perpetual snowmobiler’s paradise.

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