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Snowmobile Traction – Providing the Safest Ride on Snow

Conceptualized in the early 20th century to travel across deep snow, sleds connected people living in remote, wintery locations to utilities and supplies. As engineering improved and snowmobiles became more common in cold weather climates, new technology was created to help sleds move faster, more comfortably, over rougher terrain and varying conditions.  In the 60’s, brands like Bombardier and Polaris emerged, and the modern snowmobile was born.

As machines continued to evolve, high-performance sleds have gained the ability to climb mountainsides, remain stable at high speeds, hold tight corners, and stop on a dime.  With all this technology and performance came the need for maximizing your traction to help maintain control of your machine.  Sharp carbide runners and adding studs to your track gave riders the confidence they needed to traverse the changing conditions Mother Nature throws at us.

However each year thousands of people are injured from snowmobile related accidents.  While statistics show that most of these accidents occur from numerous factors including alcohol, excessive speed and environmental conditions, loss of control is the primary underlying cause of these occurrences.

An effort to reduce the number of injuries is gaining momentum, and will be accomplished through better education, industry awareness and improved technologies.

BITEHARDER’s diamond sharpening technology gives snowmobilers an advantage over Mother Nature by providing the first “Renewable Traction Performance” products in the industry that allow snowmobilers to easily sharpen their traction products, for the safest riding experience, every time they head out on the trail.

Get out there and enjoy all the beauty winter brings and safely navigate the ever changing conditions that you will encounter with sharp traction products all season long.