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Here’s What Should Be in Your Snowmobile Emergency Kit

Snowmobiles can help you enjoy the outdoors during the winter, but it’s important to ride with safety in mind. If you become stuck, stranded, or injured, the contents of your emergency kit could help save your life.

Before setting out on your next snowmobile adventure, be sure you have these essential emergency items on hand:

  • First aid kit.  Keep a first aid kit in your snowmobile.  While your first aid kit may not enable you to treat a serious wound, it should contain enough supplies to keep an injured person stable until emergency responders arrive to the scene or until you can receive medical treatment.  There are many commercially available first aid kits that are small enough to easily fit into your snowmobile.
  • Signaling devices.  A lighted signaling device or GPS beacon could potentially save your life, especially if you become stranded while snowmobiling in the wilderness. If you carry electronics in your emergency kit, check the batteries before setting out and charge or replace them whenever necessary. A GPS beacon allows you to relay your exact position to emergency responders if you become injured or stranded, but only if the batteries are charged.
  • Food and water.  Keep a few protein bars or other portable, high-energy foods in your snowmobile’s emergency kit. 
  • Tools. A small or foldable shovel is an absolute necessity. If you end up off the trail, you may need to dig it out.  In addition to your toolkit, keep a set of waterproof matches or a lighter to start an emergency fire. These items can prove to be invaluable, especially if you have to wait for rescue.
  • Personal items. Never go snowmobiling without your personal identification, any necessary medications, cell phone, and any required permits. Charge your phone before heading out, and keep it turned off to preserve battery life. You probably won’t be talking much while riding, so save the battery for an emergency.

Snowmobiling is generally a safe, exciting way to enjoy the snow and winter weather, but it’s not without risks. Before your next snowmobile outing, make sure you have these essentials packed away in case of emergency.