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The story behind the hottest aftermarket product in snowmobiling: “Helmet Safety Lights”

Let’s face it, as snowmobilers we are passionate about our sport and are always on the lookout for the next best thing to come along. Whether it’s the latest in engine or suspension technology from the manufacturers, or just simple aftermarket products that help make snowmobiling more convenient, we all love the latest innovations.

This season I bought a pair of heated gloves and lace free BOA style boots. Both of these items for me will solve two of my biggest frustrations. First, keeping my hands from getting cold when I am not riding my sled, and second, as my beer belly always seems to get in the way, eliminating the tugging and bending of tying the laces on my old boots.

As the founder of BITEHARDER Products our current logo tag line says it all; “SHARPER, SAFER, SMARTER SNOWMOBILING”. Our company takes pride in conceiving, developing, and bringing to market products that allow snowmobilers to get the most performance, and the safest ride every time you head out on the trail.

“Their helmet safety lights are no gimmick. They are from the highest quality components available, for years of trouble-free operation. The lights come in five different colors – red, amber, blue, green and pink, allowing users to color coordinate with their equipment. They can help identify other members of your group/family who are using the same color lights.” – Intrepid Snowmobiler

“Easy to follow my husband even if he does go faster!! Great lights!!” – Barb Hock

Located in Laconia New Hampshire, we always attend and promote our products at the New Hampshire “Race Into Winter” event (locally known as The Grass Drags). It is the east coast’s version of Hay Days that brings in close to 45,000 people over the three-day event.

“I wish everybody had one of these on their helmet. It’s much easier to see than a tail light, helmet or jacket when following somebody.” – Lance Meyer, Snow Goer Magazine

Each year at the Grass Drags I would notice a small booth with a product being sold as the “Snow Dust Buster Helmet Light”. Lenn Johnson, a local electrician, avid snowmobiler, and Polaris Ambassador, took “off the shelf components” and fabricated an LED light that mounted to the back of your helmet, to help other snowmobilers see you in the snow dust that we are all familiar with.

“After affixing one of the snowmobile helmet safety lights to my helmet and utilizing it last winter, I liked it a lot. After lending my helmet to somebody else and following that helmet through snow dust both day and night, I grew to love it! I wish I could mandate it for everybody I ride with.” – Lance Meyer, Snow Goer Magazine

As crude as it was, it did work. The initial concept was designed to allow passing snowmobilers the ability to see the high mounted light (over your snowmobile’s snow-covered tail light), avoiding a potential accident.

“I was skeptical at 1st. Ordered 4 different colors for myself, my husband, and our 2 teenage kids. We tried them out on the trails in Michigan in Feb of 2021. Have to say that my family and I were very impressed! It makes it much easier to keep track of everyone in the group, especially with the different colors. My kids love them because no matter how far ahead my husband gets from us, we can still see him. I was impressed how visible they were in daylight. The weekend we rode was very cold and our snowmobiles kicked up a lot of snow dust. The helmet light was easily visible and I never lost track of my husband. Everywhere we stopped, people came up and asked about the lights. Not skeptical anymore!” – Kim Johansen

From my perspective this was a safety product that fit perfectly into BITEHARDERS’s product offerings. Ultimately, it was agreed that BITEHARDER and Lenn would work together to bring the product to a national level, rebranded as BITEHARDER’s Helmet Safety Light.

“Love the lights, we have everyone in our group running them. Huge safety deal!” – Glen Sabatine

We immediately went to work redesigning the product which was released during the 2020/2021 season. Future improvements were also made for the 2021/2022 season and the product was re-released as our generation 5 helmet safety light. With its simple low-profile design, it mounts to any helmet within minutes and gets its power through a splitter block, using your heated visor’s cord, that not only sends power to your heated visor but to the helmet safety light as well. Riders who do not use heated visors can also use the product.

“One of the guys in our group bought one of these last year. I must admit, I picked on him. Then we rode. What an amazing difference! It was not only nice to keep track of your group out on lakes, but the visibility through snow dust when you can’t really see the taillight is where it really shined. Great product and great quality. Almost everyone in our group has one now.” – Sean T.

Since that time, and to our amazement, our helmet safety light has grown in sales over 5000%. With 6 color offerings (red, green, blue, amber, pink and our newest color aqua), our helmet safety light has not only been a visible marker for single riders who are being passed by other riders, but has grown into and essential piece of equipment for groups of 2 to 20 or more riders that want the ability to stay together on the trail. Families, ride groups, snowmobile clubs, and tour groups find them invaluable in taking the stress out of staying together and being able to see the rider you are following at all times regardless of the snow dust, snow storms, during the day or especially at night.

“The lights – just wow! Was a bit skeptical at first when I saw them, they are REALLY bright. In snow dust you couldn’t see tail lights but you sure could see them! Way brighter than taillights, even when braking. A few of the guys had oxygen helmets – couldn’t see their lights but sire saw these! Great product. Highly recommend. Will be putting these in family members stocking at Christmas for sure!” – Kathleen Hedley, Intrepid Snowmobiler crew rider

Every now and then, a simple aftermarket snowmobile product comes along that significantly helps make the sport of snowmobiling better. Let our snowmobile helmet safety light make a believer of out of you like the thousands of other riders who are using this product.

Convenience, innovation, safety and performance. Just what you expect from BITEHARDER. For more information on our helmet safety lights and our other products visit our website at biteharder.com, or our BITEHARDER Channel on YouTube.